first of all~

finally~ start a new me with write on my blog~ my "NEW media" to guys who wanna know which part my life flow~huhuhu~ im new blogger here~ hi~i love photography, n wanna share it ;)
just to publish my art work. show to world my ability or creativity maybe....
ermmm~ to improve my self to be somebody maybe~ heee :D~
im always in learning proses~ huhu~
i doesnt write to long, just picture that i capture which my life flow~
because for me, U can observe a lot by Watching~ ;)
like Ansel Adams said: " photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution" 
i ll shows what i "KLIK!" just only with my Nikon D40~
thats not about camera but "ME" behind the camera~
enjoy (' ',)